Holiday Card Design Season Is Upon Us

Each holiday season Thinking Caps Design looks forward to and is excited to create a new holiday card in a very different way than we did in the previous year or years past. Building up to this years’ design, we were impressed with the fact that throughout the years so many creative design concepts have been conceived, completed and delivered.

Concepts that convey a message of affirmation or are a campaign for a cause.

Concepts that are motion graphics, on mixed medias, or simply a graphic sent out in an email blast.

Concepts that are accompanied by a note book with a call to draw, write, and be inspired more.

Concepts that create emotion or drive for a change.


Whatever the concept for the holiday card our intention is to always be fun and creative with the design, and to try and convey a message of gratitude or to extend a positive projection for the coming year. This year make sure to look for the 2018 holiday card(s) in the mail.