3 Takeaways from 2016 Digital Signage Expo

3 Takeaways from 2016 Digital Signage Expo

Venturing to Las Vegas to experience the latest electronics is an American pastime. So it didn’t take much prodding to set the GPS and steer our way to the world’s largest trade show of digital displays and interactive technology at DSE – the Digital Signage Expo.

Thinking Caps Design enrolled in a daylong conference sponsored by the Society of Experiential Design (SEGD) to learn from like-minded graphics companies deploying premier digital installations for wayfinding, identity and public art installations. Here are three highlights we came away with:

  1. It takes a team. To implement digital wayfinding, you need a project lead, often a wayfinding consultant, and a technology integrator that assembles solutions for digital displays, kiosk enclosures or mounts, media players, and potentially wifi, power quality, and signal enhancing solutions. Beyond hardware, there is a need for content management software, mobile device software ergonomic considerations and installation services.
  2. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. That was valuable advice from one digital signage expert that experienced a system failure on a major corporate installation. As integrators, you are only are good as the products you specify. Every installation needs to be easily accessible for maintenance and repairs, and be supported with a solid warranty. A service plan should document in advance what actions to take if something does not perform as anticipated.
  3. Analytics add value to digital solutions. The big trend at this year’s DSE event was emerging use of analytical data derived from digital solutions. Every interactive step that is recorded can reveal something about the user experience. What are users searching for more often? Do users respond better to one data format over another? Can you correlate content with actions taken?

On the trade show floor, vibrant video walls with beautiful graphics inspired visions of how emerging digital signage technologies can create beautiful, engaging environments and memorable interactive experiences. For now, these solutions may be reserved for clients that have sustainable budgets to invest in making bold brand presentations or developing revenue-enhancement strategies. But with each successive generation of technology as prices fall and valued features rise, the interactive digital future takes a step closer to integrating with our built environment.

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