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By Kathleen Eagle

Two undesirable boys locate redemption once they develop into not likely heroes to 2 very certain girls and their households. do not omit those romantic favorites from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling writer Kathleen Eagle!


Gideon Defender understood tough offerings. blameless and natural, Raina McKenny had deserved an individual higher than him, so he'd stepped apart and watched her marry his brother. He'd stayed away after they followed a child and created the right existence he may perhaps by no means supply her. Now, fifteen years later, Raina had lower back to the reservation a widow along with her fatherless teenage son in tow, and Gideon confronted the hardest offerings of his lifestyles. among hope and accountability, among condemnation and belief, among fatherhood and honor…and even among existence and death.

Broomstick Cowboy

Amy Becker wanted a guy. Tate Harrison don't have been her first choice…but then, her first selection had long gone and died, leaving her pregnant, broke and at the verge of wasting every little thing. unusually, Tate was once an exceptional father determine to her kids, a tireless employee and much too tempting in the course of these lengthy wintry weather nights. yet Tate wasn't one for roots; he was once hers in simple terms till spring. until she might persuade him to stay.

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Ever since adolescence had overtaken her son and transformed him like some kind of fairy-tale curse, she had no trouble remembering that she had miles to go and challenges to meet. Like another fishing trip with Gideon. ” He’d been in the bathroom forever. A year ago, sixty seconds in the shower and he was out. “You know, your hair doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re going out fishing. Uncle Gideon said he’d pick us up at the dock in—” The door finally opened, and her son deigned to emerge. His beautiful black hair was still wet, so she assumed that the new pimple on his chin was the reason for the stormy look in his eyes.

That’s guy’s not worth bothering with. ” Raina sharpened her bright tone with a defensive edge. “A beautiful fish. ” “This isn’t like bronzing his baby shoes, Raina. ” He nodded toward the cooler containing the fish Oscar had already caught. ” Peter looked at his catch again. ” Those motherly instincts would not rest. A quick justification tingled on the tip of Raina’s tongue. But Gideon headed her off with a warning glance. “Put him down in the water and see if he’s gonna make it. ” Peter complied, his face brightening when, revived by the water, the little fish flipped its tail and swam away.

The glare from the distant winter sun had nearly snow-blinded her. Despite Gideon’s assurances that the ice was well over a foot thick, she hadn’t been able to forget that it wasn’t all ice. That there was still water down there somewhere. Deep, cold, breath-stealing water that would swallow her up if her foot found a patch of thin ice…. “It could happen,” Raina insisted. She tested her footing and found that, sure enough, ice was ice, and it was slippery. ” He was unloading fishing gear from his pickup, but he managed to shift the tackle box and cooler to one arm so he could steady her with the other.

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