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By Peter S. Beagle

A kindly raven brings foodstuff to and is the significant other of a guy who has taken shelter in an deserted mausoleum in a brand new York urban cemetery for nineteen years.
Title: A effective & deepest Place
Author: Beagle, Peter S.
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
Publication Date: 2007/05/28
Number of Pages: 264
Binding kind: PAPERBACK
Library of Congress: bl2007019271

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Rebeck swayed back and forth over the board, moving for both of them, his breathing becoming harsher as the game went on. Michael burrowed into the luxury of wrapping his whole mind around one subject to the exclusion of all others. On the ninth move there was a quick flurry of pawn-exchanging, and again on the fifteenth, when one of Michael's knights and both of his bishops swirled angrily around a pawn of Mr. Rebeck's and left it untouched. Two moves later Michael vengefully picked off one of Mr.

Rebeck looked up. "I don't know. " He finished setting the pieces in place. "It worries me sometimes. " He began the game by moving his king's pawn two squares forward. "I'm very orthodox," he said. He had said this twice during the eight games they had played previously, but Michael did not remember it. "Make mine the same," Michael said. " Mr. Rebeck leaned forward and duplicated his own move on Michael's side of the board. He considered his own pieces at some length and finally jumped his knight two squares in front of his king's bishop.

I want to talk to her," Michael said. "I want to hear her voice. " One quick look Mr. Rebeck gave him; then he turned to face the woman, who had now come to the edge of the plot of grass that surrounded the mausoleum. "Good morning," he said. "Good morning," the woman said. She was dressed in black, but without a veil. In her late forties, Michael thought. Then he made it the early forties. He had always been a bad judge of women's ages, and the black dress might add a few years. The most arresting feature of her face was her mouth.

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