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A transparent web page by means of web page black and white test of Seow's grammar.

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1 Ci' a day md c~~;, two days e. a below). nT -, and certain internal vowel changes may take place (see 1. An asterisk ( *) before a form indicates that the form is hypothetical - it is reconstructed from what we know of the history of the language. TT fs illtv a year fd two years Gender and Number I 19 C~O~tp c~'in • - T C'nN7J two hundred C'7JYD . - -: - twice two feet Not every noun has the dual form. Indeed, the dual is restricted to the following. -T i. Nouns that come in natural pairs. • C'1' two hands ii.

W ,::i,~ T T- .. 17. r8. W judge 8. 15. 3· 2. n~~ sailor m~ priest :m thief ·9. '1 T ,;,1 great old Ti?.! IO. ,~tv officer 5· holy r6. I I. wii~ l~'T=T- fisherman hungry 4. I]~~ lame 12. 6. 2. Since this is a loanword derived ultimately from Sumerian, a non-Semitic language, the dictionaries simply list it as it is spelled (not by root). 13. • b. g. :Jl_pi~ - :JlV'; Oi::) '"1~ - iii£>). I. ill':::! T ' 17. 8. iiN i:ir:J~ T: • ii~~ I I. 2. 4· NW~ 6. ) I 2. I I. burnt offerings messengers ilYi .....

J i::iJ 1lJ Roots and Patterns I 25 Roots like ',',p and :l:JO are said to be "geminate" (Latin geminus "twin") or "II= III" because their second and third radicals are alike. ,~ qanal qa~el qinel qotel qa~al Pattern Geminate II-Yog I-)Alef> III-)Alef> I-Nun Strong Root type In summary, a word may be described in terms of its root, pattern, or root type. 1 c~ 2. Weak Word patterns can sometimes be problematic because some radicals are more susceptible to change than others. Such radicals are said to be weak, and a root with such a radical is called a weak root.

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