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By C. L. Seow

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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From you (mp) I I. for you (fs) 2. from him 7· from you (fp) I2. ) from us 8. like her I3 . like them (mp) 4· to(ward) me 9· upon me 14· for us Io. ) (Ezr 8:I) b. Translate into Hebrew: 5. upon you (fs) 103 11il 8. h wtT""J:l~l IO. 'Dl 'rv~~ i1)i1 II. I 5. like him c. ~Ti1Pi1 I2. e. Read Gen 4I:I7-20 out loud and translate the passage with the help of a dictionary and these notes. Q;! , the Nile). 3. : and beautiful I. lil1 and they were feeding. 4. like a consuming fire 5. ~) them '~ a hand that is stretched o ut aga in st me 8.

C':;l~n:p T 5· (Ps 37:28) -: I 4. 0'~¥b I d. Translate the following into English: i1'~):;] T : (Prov r2) i1~'l 1'P-l ll~Otl? Q. :::liJtnv~~ 6. Q $ ~. t. ~,i1 lJ,)i:l 8. ll 0,910-? l) lJ,"}~~ I e. Read Ps 146:s-1o out loud and translate vv 6-10 with the help of a dictionary and these notes. Notes: The passage begins in v s: "How fortunate is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in YHWH his God ... :;>-n~1 and all that is in them. one who sets free. definite, even though the definite article is not present.

Verb: l'1T to sow -T desert, wilderness, wasteland (pl. ni10~ or 0''10~) river (pl. 0'¥*') tree, wood pharaoh (the king of Egypt) (pl. ni1lp) field, country (pl. ni~W) name (fp . NJ1 Daniel •• • you (ms) and they (mp) alike Io. lo, you are" wiser than Daniel i1~~! Rebecca Elijah 02 d. Translate the following into English: T Exercise 9 a. Translate into English: I. Oil? 2. ri::J 3· •: 6. T . < ~i11~::l T II. ;)Y I2. ;)~ . 8. O::J I3. 9'1~7 4· O~J;l~ 9· i1~i1~ T •• •• I4. ¥ IO. ;)Y I5. 'Jn? ;)Y 0 •: T 0 • -T : I.

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