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By Amanda Lindhout, Sara Corbett

The dramatic and redemptive memoir of a lady whose interest led her to the world’s most lovely and distant places, its such a lot imperiled and dangerous international locations, after which into fifteen months of harrowing captivity—an exquisitely written tale of braveness, resilience, and grace

As a toddler, Amanda Lindhout escaped a violent loved ones via paging via problems with National Geographic and imagining herself in its unique locales. on the age of 19, operating as a cocktail waitress in Calgary, Alberta, she started saving her suggestions so she may well commute the globe. intending to comprehend the area and dwell an important existence, she backpacked via Latin the US, Laos, Bangladesh, and India, and emboldened by way of every one event, went directly to Sudan, Syria, and Pakistan. In war-ridden Afghanistan and Iraq she carved out a fledgling occupation as a tv reporter. after which, in August 2008, she traveled to Somalia—“the most threatening position on earth.” On her fourth day, she used to be kidnapped via a gaggle of masked males alongside a dusty road.

Held hostage for 460 days, Amanda converts to Islam as a survival tactic, gets “wife lessons” from one in all her captors, and hazards a bold break out. Moved among a chain of deserted homes within the wasteland, she survives on memory—every lush element of the area she skilled in her existence earlier than captivity—and on procedure, fortitude, and desire. while she is such a lot determined, she visits a home within the sky, excessive above the girl stored in chains, at the hours of darkness, being tortured.

Vivid and suspenseful, as artfully written because the most interesting novel, A condominium within the Sky is the searingly intimate tale of an intrepid younger lady and her look for compassion within the face of incredible adversity.

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