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By Richard A. Demers, Ann K. Farmer

A Linguistics Workbook is a complement to Linguistics: An creation to Language and Communications, fifth variation. it might even be used with different introductory and intermediate linguistics texts. while lots of the examples in Linguistics are in line with English, the workbook offers routines within the significant components of linguistics (for instance, syntax and morphology) drawn from a wide selection of languages. This version contains new workouts, in addition to refinements to a few of the unique ones.

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Evlerimden 19. evleriniz 20. evim 2 1. ellerimden 22. evler 23. eline 24. ellerin 25. elimden 26. ) when it refers to one person and as plural ( p / . ) when it refers to more than one person. 2 0 B g 2 r 0 tU 0 0 Questions A. In the spaces below, list the Turkish morphemes that correspond to the English words on the right. Turkish morpheme English gloss 1. "(the) hand" 2. "(the) house" 3. plural 4. ("myy7 5. "our" 6. )" 7. )" 8. "too" 9. 'W' 10. "from" B. ) of the suffixes in a word? C . Based on your answers in questions A and B, how would you translate the following English forms into Turkish?

Thin 17. pooch 32. rough 3. then 18. pouch 33. thought 4. hitch 19. peach 34. drought 5. ping 20. rouge 35. though 6. taste 21. dew 36. cog 7. sheep 22. do 37. clinch 8. try 23. due 38. raw 9. live 24. fin 39. lawn 10. life 25, vine 40. gone 11. jut 26. roof 41, lath 12. Goth 27. bang 42. lathe 13. juke 28. dung 43. soot 14. hoof 29. with 44. crush 15. hooves 30. width 45. 3 Phonetic Variation: Spanish /b/, /& /g/ Below is a broad transcription of some Spanish words. [b]/[p], [d]/jd], and [g]/[y] are pairs of allophones whose members are in complementary distribution; that is, they occur in mutually exclusive (or nonoverlapping) phonetic environments.

Transcribe the following symbols. For example: IT /ba/. E. The diacritic " is combined with the katakana symbols in one of the above lines to indicate /pal, /pi/, /pu/, Ipel, or Ipol. 1. Write the katakana symbols that represent the following sound combinations. ) 2. Why did you choose the symbols you did? 3. What does the diacritic " represent? , their past tense form can be predicted). These past tense forms are shown in list 11. Like the English plural morpheme, the English regular past tense morpheme has three variants: in this case, [t], [d], and [id].

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