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By Angeline M.G. Song

This booklet is grounded in a theorization of the author's own tale together with turning out to be up as a feminine adoptee of a unmarried guardian in a patriarchal context, and present fabric context as an immigrant in New Zealand.

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22 Einfühlung was used to describe the unique sense of connection between a viewer and a piece of art. ”23 The idea of “feeling one’s way into” a work of art was enlarged to incorporate actual bodily sensations felt by a viewer, for instance the phenomenon of being moved to tears by a piece of music, or other physiological sensations such as goose bumps or a dryness in the mouth when we watch a scary movie. German philosopher and theorist Robert Vischer (1847–1933) was mainly responsible for the idea of Einfühlung being associated with the spectator, a person, rather than the meaning being connected with the artwork itself.

Rather, it feels more and more like a return to my original dream. 1 Introductory Matters My personal life story described in chapter 1 gives an insight as to the reason that my particular hermeneutic has two distinct aspects to it. This chapter addresses the first—that of an empathic reading strategy. The aim here is twofold: one, to generate an appropriate and rigorous definition of empathy. Two, based on the generated definition and building on empathy research that includes neuroscientists’ recent important discoveries, to formulate a framework for an empathic reading.

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