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By Alger F. Johns

This regular grammar ebook of biblical Aramaic, utilized by scholars at many seminaries and universities, is the one one to incorporate graded routines on the shut of every of its twenty classes.

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Act. Part. an? anaa anana anaa anpB^a Pass. Part a-na ana? - In any of the second root consonants with an / vowel, a sere is frequently found, but the / may as frequently be retained (see I H ) . n; etc. Because the characteristic vowel in this position in Proto-Semitic is usually an a in the perfect, the appearance of an / vowel is generally regarded as an analogical extension from the imperfect (see Lesson V, sec. 2). The characteristic vowel of the second root consonant of the imperfect of derived conjugations in Proto-Semitic is an /.

7. n — t o pass (over); pass by jon — (haphel and aphel) t o occupy, possess a^n — t o consider; > respect DBD — (pael) t o feed, give t o eat 8. ai ovp o-i? i "jnana x-ato sa'pa p-rx (e) xniaVa ]pt^i n -ni"??? '! »- •q'? -nm"-] (10) aVs n-a"? nayn? Nwa l a s - i " ' ? ni (12) 47 LESSON XI PE N U N , PE Y O D H , A N D PE A L E P H VERBS 1. Pe Nun Verbs: Most of the irregularities in this class of verbs occur because a nun at the end of a syllabic is often assimilated to the consonant beginning the following syllable, even to a laryngeal (I 2).

Pi. pilN nnax xrinas max xnnas pann^N T: • (9) sg. sg. pi. isVa niaT snia-) -nnn pannn niaVa Nnia'ja -niaVa paniaVa niaVi? '?? 'niaVa pan3a"7a T : - Note the application of the rule that the noanaa letters retain their spirant pronunciation after a vowel even when the vowel which caused it is dropped: pa^rn, paVa-n (see I 1). 3. Nouns of Unique Formation: Grouped together in this tenth class are various nouns (and adjectives) which have inflectional peculiarities that prevent them from being classified with t h e more regular classes of n o u n formation.

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