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By Milton Heifetz, Wil Tirion

A stroll in the course of the Southern Sky is a superbly illustrated advisor to the celebs and constellations of the southern hemisphere. by way of following the simplified and easy-to-use starmaps, readers can be capable of establish constellations without gear yet basic sight and a transparent evening sky. This booklet offers transparent directions on how one can ensure celebrity sizes and the distances among stars, permitting readers to maneuver simply among constellations. The budding astronomer is brought to the secret and beauty of the southern sky because the myths and legends of its stars and constellations are wondrously retold. The 3rd version of this magical booklet contains a new moon map, an up to date checklist of planet positions, extra illustrations and extra sensible superstar maps. it's a useful and lovely advisor for newbie stargazers, either old and young.

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4 0 â•… A Wa l k t h r o u g h t h e S o u t h e r n S k y Notice that Eridanus partially surrounds the faint constellation of Fornax. ORION Canopus COLUMBA LEPUS PICTOR Rigel 1 DORADO Cursa CAELUM RETICULUM Zaurak 2 ERIDANUS HOROLOGIUM 3 Acamar 4 Achernar FORNAX Menkar ERIDANUS Mira PHOENIX CETUS Ankaa Diphda Figure 22â•… Facing west€– January, 10 pm A wa l k t h r o u g h t h e h e a v e n sâ•… 41 G uid e s t o t he S o u t h Ce l e s t i a l P ol e ( S C P ) ( Fig u re 2 3 ) ●● ●● ●● Celestial Pole is the dim constellation and between Canopus and the SCP is Octans.

To Circinus and Triangulum Australe Star 2 of Crux through star 1 (Rigil ●● Kentaurus) of Centaurus leads to the tail Kentaurus passes through the centre of of Scorpius. Follow the curve of the tail Circinus and continues to cross Triangulum northward to Antares and to the four-star Australe. head of Scorpius. ●● Follow the curve of the head of Scorpius to the tip of Lupus and continue past Norma 2 8 â•… A line from star 3 of Centaurus through Rigil A Wa l k t h r o u g h t h e S o u t h e r n S k y 1 2 1 LIBRA 2 Antares Zubenelgenubi 3 5 3 4 SCORPIUS Shaula 6 7 13 5 12 4 NORMA 8 14 11 1 3 1 2 ARA 10 LUPUS 2 5 CENTAURUS 2 3 3 3 1 4 2 2 4 Hadar Rigil Kentaurus Atria 1 3 1 3 2 CIRCINUS TRIANGULUM AUSTRALE 1 4 1 2 5 6 5 CRUX 5 9 3 6 4 7 8 MUSCA Figure 15â•… Facing south and looking high up€– June, 10 pm A wa l k t h r o u g h t h e h e a v e n sâ•… 29 T he Sa g i t ta riu s – Ce n ta u r u s – H y d r u s – Pavo re l at io n s hip ( Fig u re 16 ) ●● through star 1 of Triangulum Australe goes Best seen 9 pm July (May–September) The positions of the constellations are dis- A line from Hadar (star 2) of Centaurus directly to Peacock.

Orion. Aldebaran is 15 degrees from star 2 ●● Move from Mirfak of Perseus and then southward along the curve of Perseus to the (Bellatrix) of Orion. Pleiades. To locate Procyon in Canis Minor This is a bright star 25 degrees in a northerly To locate Achernar and Canopus direction from Sirius. You may notice that the ●● Milky Way lies between Procyon and Sirius. Rigel (star 7) of Orion leads in a straight line The Summer Triangle (Winter Triangle in the Northern Hemisphere) is an equilateral triangle joining Betelgeuse of Orion, Sirius of Canis Major and Procyon of Canis Minor.

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