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Sebastian Case depends on his irreplaceable assistant for every thing. yet given that arriving in Vegas for a convention, mousy Missy Ward has remodeled herself. From traditional to ravishing. From modest and reserved to daring and sensual. And Sebastian, who'd slightly spotted she used to be a lady, unearths himself dazzled via her allure.Now she's quitting and Sebastian will do whatever to maintain her. together with accepting her outrageous wager. One spin of the roulette wheel—black and she'll stay…red and Sebastian owes her one evening of ardour. What can he lose, other than might be his middle?

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She licked her lips and his attention shifted to her mouth, lingering as if something fascinated him. Fever consumed the last of her hesitation. Every one of her senses came to life and soaked up the sights, smells and sounds of the man towering over her. Hunger thrummed, longing to be sated. Only one man had the passion, sensuality and persistence to do just that. She moved her left leg forward, bringing her thigh into contact with his. The effect on him was instantaneous. His nostrils flared.

He dusted his lips between her brows. ” His kiss relaxed her and increased her tension at the same time. Soothed her soul and awakened her desires. “I don’t have much experience with men like you,” she admitted. ” Was he laughing at her? Missy surveyed his expression. Neutral. No amusement crinkled the skin around his eyes or curved his lips. She began again. “I mean, we’ve already done a couple things…” She ran out of words about the same time she ran out of bravado. ” Grabbing her by the hips, he rolled until she sat on him.

And a big hunky millionaire. She wasn’t sure which one shocked her more. Stuffing the bills into her purse, she tugged at Sebastian’s sleeve. ” She was glad to have him at her side as they found the elevators that would take them to the suite of rooms they shared. Besides having gotten lost twice today already, the wad of cash in her purse made her feel as if she had a target painted on her back. Knowing security was a scream away reassured her somewhat, but Sebastian’s tall form guarding her body made her feel completely safe.

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