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Margo opened her eyes and glanced around the room. The dark navy color complemented the lemon-yellow in a way she hadn't expected. Blending a feminine elegance with a masculine touch was perfect for a master bedroom. It was nothing like what she'd grown up with. Her life had been all about secondhand clothes and cramped space. Glancing at the door, making sure there was no one to witness her weakness, Margo ran her hand slowly over the richness of the expensive, fat navy-blue comforter. Again she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the supersoft fabric.

She watched Blu roll to his stomach, his lightning-quick movements settling her worst fear—his wound couldn't be all that serious if he was able to move so effortlessly. He swore at her again, this time in French, ordering her to dive into the water. Margo ignored the order. Number one, she hated water and had only learned to swim because Blu had dogged her for an entire summer the year she'd turned twelve. Two, her concern for him wouldn't allow her to abandon him. She wouldn't want to live if something happened to him.

Choice accommodations like that usually require an early stakeout. " Goddard grinned. "If I tell you all my secrets, Superman, you wouldn't need me anymore. " Ry assessed Goddard's emaciated body. The man wasn't fifty years old, but his hunched shoulders and white hair easily added twenty years to his appearance. His cheeks were paper thin, his storm-cloud-gray eyes too small for his oversize, sunken sockets. It was true he ate at least once a day—thanks to Ry—still, the best snitch inNew Orleansdidn't weigh a hundred pounds.

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