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This passage is a threshold of connection between one stratum and another entailing the intensification of biophysical and biocultural machines of sex. This threshold is not determined by technological developments, but by new machinic assemblages of modes of communication and reproduction – from the Internet to virtual reality, from cloning images to cloning humans – that are rapidly changing the conception and perception of sex. Bio-informatic capitalism, thus, marks the threshold towards a new recombination of information transmission: the engineering of all useless flows at far from equilibrium conditions producing unprecedented forms of capitalization.

Abstract materialism expands upon Baruch Spinoza’s ethological study of a body. This body is not primarily an organism or an organization. It is an immanent assemblage of kinetic particles and anonymous forces, motion and energy that constitute every body: a bacterial body, a eukaryotic body, a multicellular body, a cultural body, the body of machines, etc. . 24 This is not a Cartesian axis. These lines are the attributes of a matter-matrix whose longitudinal extensive parts fall under a relation of motion and rest (kinetics) and whose latitudinal intensive parts fall under a capacity to affect and be affected (intensity).

This selection is neither conservative nor transcendent, but immanent to molecular variations. It operates like a sieve whose variable meshes fish in the molecular reservoirs of a body, intensifying its indeterminate capacities to transmit, receive and recombine information producing new channels of capitalization. But mutations of information are neither calculable nor controllable. They emerge and proliferate without warning. The collision of different layers of stratification of sex in the biodigital stratum induces a virtualization (an intensive expansion) rather than a disappearance of biophysical and biocultural machines of stratification.

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