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By Gerhard Gierenz, Werner Karmann

Adhesion is without doubt one of the oldest applied sciences identified to mankind, however the know-how of adhesives started to growth with the advancements in chemistry within the early 1900s. the previous few years have visible great development within the functionality of adhesives, permitting items to be attached inseparably. sleek adhesives practice so good that extra subtle becoming a member of tools, e.g. welding, can usually get replaced through adhesion, that means that adhesives have chanced on new parts of program. This booklet permits readers to speedy achieve an outline of the adhesives on hand and to pick the easiest adhesive for every goal.

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Epoxy thermoset adhesives, available in many formulations, can be used to join most materials. These adhesives have good strength, do not emit volatile substances during curing, and have low shrinkage. However, peel strength and flexibility are low, and epoxies are brittle. A typical two-component system consists of a resin and a hardener, which are packaged separately. In a one-component system, the resin and hardener are packaged together. Other possible additives include accelerators, reactive diluents, plasticizers, resin modifiers, and fillers.

Silicone Adhesives. Cold-cross-linkingone-pack silicone adhesives also harden by a polycondensation mechanism. They are silanols whose OH groups have reacted with acetic acid or amines. Treatment of these compounds with water leads to the elimination of acetic acid or amines and generates the reactive silanols, which cross-link with elimination of water. These products are particularly important as sealing compounds in the building industry. Usually silicones are available as both one- and two-component systems that cure to thermoset solids.

These adhesives are used in metal-honeycomb and wood-metal applications. PVB - phenolics also have good resistance to weathering, fungi, salt, humidity, water, and oil, and creep and fatigue resistance are even better than those of PVF-phenolics. These adhesives are used to bond metal or reinforced plastic facings to paper honeycomb, cork to rubber, and steel to rubber. Epoxy - phenolic adhesives are also available as liquids or films. They are among the best adhesives for long-term use at 150 - 250 "C.

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