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The Elsevier Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence is a topical sequence of monographs by means of world-renowned scientists in numerous fields of natural chemistry. The Tetrahedron natural Chemistry sequence has been very winning in delivering a number of the best possible scholarly works in those topical components that experience confirmed to be of lasting caliber as integral reference assets. those books have supplied the practising researcher, pupil and student with a useful resource of finished experiences in natural chemistry, predominantly within the components of synthesis and constitution decision, including:

* Reagents
* response mechanisms
* Molecular Diversity
* uneven Synthesis
* Multi-dimensional nmr
* Enzymatic Synthesis
* Organometallic Chemistry
* Biologically vital Molecules

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Give a mechanistic interpretation for this transformation which takes into account the probable role of the solvent. O Me Me Me Me O 1 Advanced Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms 39. 21 Benzopyrene Synthesis- By Accident During studies on the synthesis of trihydroxybenzopyrene derivatives it was found that treatment of the pentacycle 1 with HI/50% H3PO2 at 100~ for 2 to 3 minutes resulted in smooth conversion into the trimethoxybenzopyrene 2 in 95% yield. Suggest a mechanism for this transformation.

Photochemical Rearrangement of Pyran-2-ones The photochemical behaviour of pyran-2-ones continues to attract interest and to yield unusual types of reaction. In a recent example it was found that irradiation of the 6-(2hydroxyalkyl)pyran-2-ones 1 in methanol under carefully optimised conditions (which were not 50 Advanced Problems in Organic Reaction Mechanisms clearly specified) gave a diastereomeric mixture of solvent adducts. Removal of the solvent and treatment of the residue with a catalytic amount of HC1 in THF at room temperature resulted in formation of the dihydropyrans 2 in good yield.

Benzodiazepines from (R)-(+)-Pulegone (R)-(+)-Pulegone 1, a major constituent of the essential oils of Mentha species, is a cheap, readily available and valuable synthetic precursor from the chiral pool. When a solution of equimolar amounts of 1 and o-phenylenediamine in toluene was heated at reflux for 4 days, the tricyclic benzodiazepine derivative 2 was obtained in 68% yield. 5-Methyl- and 5-chloro-ophenylenediamine reacted similarly to give the analogous benzodiazepines in 70 and 60% yield respectively.

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