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This booklet addresses computationally-efficient multi-objective optimization of antenna constructions utilizing variable-fidelity electromagnetic simulations, surrogate modeling concepts, and layout house relief equipment. in response to modern learn, it formulates multi-objective layout projects, highlights similar demanding situations within the context of antenna layout, and discusses resolution ways.

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An arbitrary variable xi can be written as [192] f (x1 , x2 , . . , xn ) = xi · f |xi =1 + x¯ i · f |xi =0 G. 1007/978-1-4939-1103-5_3, © Springer Science+Business Media New York 2014 (1) 21 22 3 Binary Decision Diagram for Symbolic Analysis Fig. t. xi f(x) xi xi f x (x) i xi f x (x) i where f |xi =b := f (x1 , . . , xi−1 , b, xi+1 , . . , xn ) is the function f by restricting the variable xi to a constant b ∧ B. , 0). Obviously, this is a binary decomposition process. t. the literals xi and x¯ i (the negate of xi ), respectively.

The perturbation based method [123] applies perturbation theory to represent the matrix operations in an explicit variational form. This approach, however, only works for very small variations. Multi-dimensional moment-matching methods [35, 114] treat the random variables just like the complex frequency variable s, the moments generated by Taylor expansion with respect to the variational parameters are called multi-dimensional moments. These methods, however, suffer the exponential growth of moment terms with respect to the number of variables.

BDD is a canonical representation of logic functions and is also an object for logic operations in Boolean algebra. Some researchers have already noticed that the abstraction of BDD is not limited to logic functions. That is, the way binary operations are defined on a logic variable can be extended to other binary operations on variables in their own problem field. For example, Minato extended the notion of logic BDD to a subset system and defined the respective binary decisions to be whether or not an element is included by one part of subsets [134, 135].

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