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By George Klay Kieh, Jr.

Globalization isn't a brand new phenomenon within the foreign procedure evidenced via some of the efforts which were remodeled the final numerous centuries to set up a so-called 'global village' with a number of spheres - cultural, fiscal, ecological, political, social - and so forth. even though, many of the levels of globalization have had divergent scope, actors, dimensions and dynamics. that's, all of the levels of globalization could be differentiated utilizing the aforementioned markers. by contrast historical past, this ebook makes a speciality of the 'new globalization' a part that emerged while the chilly struggle ended. between different issues, the hot globalization is the main expansive and technological complicated of the entire levels of globalization. for instance, the hot globalization has witnessed the mixing of just about all states of the realm and non-state actors into the worldwide capitalist approach. the ensuing effects have differed from state to kingdom and sector to sector. during this vein, this e-book identifies a few of the frontier matters in Africa - debt, human rights, improvement, kingdom sovereignty, the surroundings, democratization, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and communications - which are being impacted via the dynamics of this new globalization.

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The international system is being graced with varieties of music form Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, as well as hybrid that blend indigenous music with techniques from hip hop, rock or jazz (Boursy, 2007, p. 1). Radios, aircrafts, the internet, CDs and videos have served as major outlets for globalizing music. However, the diversity in the types of music is not matched by the nature of control of the music industry: The latter is oligopolistc. It is controlled by seven major metropolitan-based conglomerates: Sony (Japan), Time/Warner (USA), PolyGram (Netherlands/Germany), Bertelsmann Media Group (Germany), Thorn/EMI (Britain), MCA (United States, and Virgin (United Kingdom).

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This, however, is the reason that emphasis must be placed on creating an environment that enhances the ability of these individuals and groups to participate in the design and implementation of policies that affect 34 Africa and the New Globalization their lives. While it is true that universal basic education would enhance the ability of these historically marginalized groups and individuals to participate in governance, one should not use the existence of low literacy rates amongst these people, as well as their high levels of poverty and material deprivation as the reason to deny them access to political and economic markets.

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