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The relationship between elite-driven promotion of such alternatives and locally rooted beliefs is not 24 O AIDS Treatment and Human Rights in Context always unidirectional. Although legitimate and popular leaders are clearly very influential in contributing to prevailing attitudes, the chapter suggests that the issue of cultural acceptability goes far beyond what elites may say or not say. These practices are very widespread, intergenerational, and trusted. However, it is also shown how this community reflects a large degree of confusion over such alternatives to ARVs.

5). There are crosscutting discourses that squarely situate the continent’s vulnerability in terms of 30 O AIDS Treatment and Human Rights in Context externally generated underdevelopment and poverty rather than “self-inflicted” behavior: In spite of our friends, the friends of Africa, we must stand up to say that we have had enough of the insults that demean Africans, whatever their nationality. The time has come that we gather the courage and intellect to say that we too are human, as human as any other human being.

7 It is particularly relevant for the book to note how this discourse has had serious implications for the role of treatment for HIV/AIDS. ARVs became pivotal to the Mokaba/Mbeki-inspired ideological tussle against Western biomedicine and racism. 8 Those who promote the “orthodox” argument that HIV leads to AIDS and that it can be controlled by ARVs, again, are depicted as reinforcing the colonial dehumanization of the African. Indeed, these antiretrovirals are labeled as highly toxic, and even as responsible for death, due to side-effects.

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