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M. P. May, On the The0ry and Application of Differential Torsion products, Memoirs of the Amer. Math. Soc. 142 (1974). [Ha] S~ Halperin, Lectures on Minimal Models, M~n. de la Soc. Math. de France 9/10, 1983. [Ha-Le] S. -M. Lemaire, Suites inertes dans les alg~bres de Lie gradu~es, preprint. (To appear in Math. ) [L-Av] G. L. Avramov, Factoring out the socle of a local Gorenstein ring, J. Algebra 55 (1978), 74-83. C. Moore, Alggbre homologique et homologie des espaces elassifiants, S~m~naire H.

G)(t) It is homotopy associative, and e, cocommutative algebra with diagonal More generally, @ H*(~M;~); let E ~ B ~M C ~M at . the structure of a graded has finite q-type, then in this case we get a (dual) commutative H~(~M;~) ~ H*(~M;~) consider the pullback diagram e. identity. (~M;@) Hopf algebra° On the other hand, if ~) = H*(~M;~) f,g acts as a homotopy If we pass to rational homology we get in H*(~M ~ M ; loop ~M × ~M ~ ~M: @ H*(~M;~) Hopf arising from the multiplication. 2) (up to homotopy) F-~EXBPB.

Thus the product h-DGF,'s If of all continuous maps I ~ M ~: M I ~ M x M; f~-~ (f(O), f(1)) M and that their of topological but to their homotopy pushout. is a topological space recall is called the free path space on The p r o j e c t i o n is a fibration and can be identified with the fibration map Of course h-DGF~' s. Free path space and homotopy. 15), with h o m o t o p y pullback we note that the projections homotopy pullback a fibration) ~--EIXBX so that any of these spaces naturally Finally, (~I weak equivalences YXBE - ~ E I X B E corresponding is called the homotopy pullback of Y Z-~EI --~IB obtained from the diagonal M ~ M x M .

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