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By Duane A. Garrett

This 3rd quantity within the Baylor instruction manual at the Hebrew Bible sequence presents specialist, accomplished suggestions in answering major questions about the Hebrew textual content. whereas reflecting the newest advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the paintings makes use of a method that's lucid adequate to function an invaluable agent for instructing and self-study.

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The direct object. ‫מֹואב‬ ָ֔ ‫ ְּב‬. Here, fire is said to be sent against the region or nation, Moab, instead of against the capital city. But the next line mentions the city Kerioth. Line Bb: The colon-marker is athnach and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 2 constituents, and 3 units. indd 49 6/6/08 2:24:39 PM 50 Amos 2:2-3 ‫וְ ָא ְכ ָל֖ה‬. Qal weqatal 3 f s from ‫אכל‬. ‫ ַא ְר ְמנ֣ ֹות ַה ְּק ִרּי֑ ֹות‬. A construct chain used as a direct object. Kerioth was one of the principal cities of Moab, and it is mentioned in Jeremiah 48:24 as well as in line 13 of the Mesha Stele (also known as the “Moabite Stone”), where it is said to have been the site of a temple to Chemosh, the principal deity of Moab.

1:9-10: Third Oracle (Tyre) After the prose heading (‫מר יְהוָ ה‬ ֣ ַ ‫)כֹּה ָא‬, the poem has two stanzas. indd 33 6/6/08 2:24:32 PM 34 Amos 1:9 Phoenicians. The second (1:10), in a truncated fashion, describes the calamities that will befall Tyre. The abbreviated judgment clause does not indicate that Tyre will experience a less severe trauma. Although Amos employs repetition throughout his first two chapters, he avoids the tedium of structuring every poem in exactly the same manner. As described above, only two elements are repeated verbatim in every poem.

Qal participle m s of ‫ישׁב‬. ” It is matched by ‫תֹומְך ֵׁש ֶבט‬ ֵ ְ‫ ו‬in Bd. ‫ ֵ ֽמ ַא ְׁש ּ֔דֹוד‬. Prepositional phrase with ‫ ִמן‬. The eighth-century city of Ashdod suffered two conflagrations. ). It is thereafter mentioned as a tributary state of Assyria (see ANET 288, 291, 294). Line Bd: The colon-marker is athnach and the constraints are: 0 predicators, 2 constituents, and 3 units. There is gapping of the verb ‫ וְ ִה ְכ ַר ִּתי‬in line Bc. ‫תֹומְך ֵ ׁ֖ש ֶבט‬ ֥ ֵ ְ‫ו‬. A qal active participle m s of ‫ תמְך‬with conjunction and in construct with ‫ ֵׁש ֶבט‬, an objective genitive.

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