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By Brenda Joyce

With her mother's passing, Alexandra Bolton gave up on like to look after her relatives. Now, with the Bolton identify in shame as a result of her father's profligate methods, marrying an aged squire will be the one method to shop her kinfolk from absolute spoil. but if she meets the notorious Duke of Clarewood, outdated dreams—and outdated passions—are woke up as by no means prior to. but she can't settle for his stunning proposition!

He is the wealthiest, strongest peer within the realm, and having witnessed the chilly horror of marriage as a toddler, he has vowed by no means to wed. yet Alexandra Bolton inflames him as no girl has ever performed, and she or he additionally serves him his first rejection! Now Clarewood—who consistently will get what he wants—will decide on which principles to play by way of. but if ardour ultimately brings them jointly, a bad mystery threatens to rip them apart….

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But he did game excessively and obsessively, so within a few years of their mother’s death, Alexandra had turned her love for sewing into a source of income for them, though it was, at times, humiliating. The very women they had once enjoyed teas and dinner parties with were now her customers. Lady Lewis enjoyed personally handing over her torn and damaged garments, while making a huge fuss at how “sloppy” the repairs were upon their return. Alexandra always smiled and apologized. She was actually excellent with a thread and needle, and until the downturn, she had enjoyed sewing and embroidery.

Don’t worry about the girls or Father. ” Elizabeth smiled sadly and fell silent. And it took Alexandra a full moment to realize that her eyes had become sightless. She gasped, hard, the intense pain blinding her. The tears finally overflowed, even as she fought them. She grasped her mother’s hands more firmly and lay down beside her, already missing her acutely, the pain unbearable now, and that was how her fiancé, Owen, found her. ” He gently lifted her to her feet. She met his concerned, searching gaze and let him guide her from the death room.

Alexandra ignored their outbursts. Edgemont leveled a firm gaze at them both. “You two will keep your opinions to yourselves. They are not wanted. ” His stare was sharp. ” Alexandra asked, after a lengthy pause. Corey ran over to her. ” She whirled. ” Edgemont glared. ” “Corey, please, I must discuss this opportunity with Father,” Alexandra said, squeezing her sister’s hand. “You are elegant and beautiful. You are kind and good, and he is fat and old,” Corey insisted. “This is not an opportunity.

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