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However, the small amounts of sample available often prevent application of these procedures. The idea of combining classical thermal procedures directly with TLC was conceived when first testing the TAS procedure [3], A parallel in GC is the "carbon skeleton chromatography" of Beroza et al. [26, 27], which we realized with our own instruments using the TAS cartridge 36 as reaction vessel and the TAS oven as source of heat. Detailed investigations showed that the zinc dust distillation with 20-200 μg of starting material can be rapidly and easily performed under controlled conditions, and can be coupled with TLC.

P. 3 min hold, 50°-(4)-180°. Gases, H - 30 ml/min; Air 300 ml/min, He - 2 ml/min make-up, 28 ml/min. Pyroprobes 100: 800° for 10 sec. Ramp - 75°/msec; Interface - 200°. 5 mm, 20M. SO/ig Figure 3. H. P. 6 min hold, 55°- (6)-165°. Gases, H 20 ml/min, Air - 240 ml/min, N - 25 ml/min. Pyroprobe: 900° for 10 sec, Ramp - 75°/msec; Interface - 180°. 7m 2 mm glass. 53 organisms responsible for such scourges as botulism and the gas gangrene occuring in war wounds, particularly those obtained in the course of the 1914-1918 war.

S o c . , 95(1973)3369. Smith, C . H. Maurer, and U. Rapp, J. Am. Chem. 96 (1974)3482. 8 J . H . Beynon, D . F . G. C o o k s , Anal. C h e m . , 46(1974) 1299. G. C o o k s , J . H . Beynon, R . M . R. Lester, 11 Metastable I o n s " , Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1973. 10 F . W . McLafferty, P . F . Bente, III, R. Kornfeld, S . - C . T s a i , and I . Howe, J. Am. Chem. S o c , 95(1973)2120. 11 F . W . McLafferty, R. Kornfeld, W . F . Haddon, K. Levsen, I . Sakai, P . F . Bente, III, S . - C . Tsai, and H .

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