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By Beryl Bainbridge

In a distant cottage in Wales, city are spending their vacation with an idealistic proprietor and his protege. at the start every little thing is idyllic, yet disaster lurks in the back of each tree, and because the vacation maintains their relationships begin to express their cracks, culminating in a sad finale.

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Are you receiving telepathic information or something? ’ Joseph wagged his finger at George, not sure if his voice was sufficiently jocular. He didn’t want to upset George. Changing the subject he asked, as if interested, which he wasn’t, ‘Is his name really Balfour, George? ’ Hearing his name, the tool-fitter swung his head from side to side. ‘The declaration of the Jewish state,’ said George at the doorway, propping it open with his back, watching the sway of his scarf ends in the night air.

The string was red knitting-wool bound round and round a piece of cardboard. ‘There’s no wind, Roland,’ he said. ’ The other passenger had remained where he was in the car. He sat stiffly and stared at the windscreen. ‘We had a bad journey,’ he said, speaking to no one. ’ Looking up, he saw Balfour on the gate and blushed. ’ Joseph motioned with his hand at the youth in the car. The child dropped his scarlet wool into the mud and broke out crying. Balfour got down from his perch and lifted the string from the path.

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