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The cardiovascular and respiratory systems also play a critical role in removing carbon dioxide and wastes from our bodies. These five systems, aided by other bodily systems, work together to make us the marvelous creatures we are—creatures capable of running, dancing, swimming, and biking. The human body is truly a complicated but incredible machine. 42 Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual Review Questions 1. The skeletal system provides our bodies w ith support, protection, and _______________________.

1 and the following text and figures to review these basic movements until you feel comfortable that you can recognize them and apply them to movement at all major joints in the body. Flexion and extension can be visually described in reference to anatomical position. , bending the arm at the elbow joint, moving out of anatomical position). Note: Plantar flexion occurs at the ankle. , straightening the arm at the elbow returning to anatomical position). Note: Dorsiflexion occurs at the ankle. , moving the head at the neck to look up).

11/350622/alw/r1-pulled Triceps brachii (TRI-ceps BRA-ke-i) The triceps brachii muscle is found in the back of the upper arm. It originates in three places, as its name implies. 14 on page 28). 14 Triceps brachii. 14/350625/alw/r1-pulled Wrist flexors The wrist flexors are a group of muscles found in the front of the forearm. They move the wrist and fingers (phalanges). 15). 16 Wrist extensors. 16/350627/alw/r1-pulled work in opposition to the wrist flexors. They also move the wrist and fingers (phalanges).

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