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There are two train operating platoons, each composed of a platoon headquarters and 25 train crews. The platoons provide the personnel for train movements and yard switching operations. (a) Platoon headquarters. Each platoon headquarters in the company includes a platoon leader who acts as assistant trainmaster. His enlisted personnel include one senior road foreman of engines, one road FM 55-20 foreman of engines, five senior brakemen, five brakemen, two crew dispatchers, and 25 train and engine crews as listed in TOE 55-229H.

Such tactics can be overcome by using approved communicationselectronics operation instructions (CEOI). Communications security (COMSEC) procedures should be used at all times. 3-5. TRAIN OPERATIONS Operations over a division experiencing frequent disruption of supply and passenger transport must change with the aims and tactics of the opposing forces. Trains should be operated at irregular intervals. In areas subject to guerrilla warfare, trains should not move on schedule or use traffic patterns that can be anticipated.

Increased levels of mission-oriented protection posture (MOPP) will result in heat buildup; reduced mobility; and reduction of visual, touch, and hearing senses. TRS operational efficiency and productivity will be lowered. b. The enemy will use contamination to cause casualties, lower performance, and restrict the use of the terrain. The enemy engages the TRS with contamination, hoping that operations will either stop to decontaminate or will avoid using contaminated terrain (rail line segments) or facilities (railheads, yards and terminals, maintenance/repair shops).

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