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112 Though it is sometimes said that Panini's grammar lacks instruction in syntax, we have seen above that this is not quite correct. Syntax is amalgamated with the formation of words in the process from thought to its verbal expression. ) is fully appreciated, and yet on the other hand, no attention is given to other frequent nominal (i. e. verbless) sentences of Sanskrit. Katyayana felt the shortcoming and sought to remedy it. One could amend the rule for the nominative case ending so that it covers also instances of identification: virah purusah 'the man [is] a hero'; the amendment is however found unnecessary because the identification is obtained from the sentence as a whole.

G. 25. 6 8 S. M. 1-63. 69 What is the evidence for Panini's authorship of the gana-s ? " does not necessarily indicate the existence of a list 'sarva, e t c ' It is likely that Panini explained the rule to his students and named other words that fell under his term sarvandman, but he need not have given them a fixed list, on a par with the sutra-s themselves or with the dhdtu-pdtha. g. " refers to the nine words mentioned in I 1 34-36). " which includes words ending in -atama72 as well as itara, anya and any atara—altogether 9 words.

Is, -us and -tu) without them. That corresponds to Panini's frequent practice to refer to his own suffixes in a short form. While a suffix is* is found in our (spurious) Un-adi-sutra-s to account for chadis (265), chattra is not accounted for. If Panini knew some uv-ddi lists, there is no indication that he knew the Un-adisutra-s we have. dm dirgho 'samprasdranam ca after Katyayana's varttika 2 on I I I 2 178 vaci-pracchy-dyatastu-katapru-ju-srindm dirghas ca. ™ I conclude that Panini knew some uv-ddi list but that the ones we have are later than Patanjali.

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