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R Š E Š . U N U G ( ? ) 1 . ARAD 14) ARAD-5W 16) i-pu-us 9) ki-ib-ra-tim 11) za-ri-qum Ú a-šùr. Ki 13) 15) a-na ba-la-tì-šu 5 Difficult, da-^nim^ (cf. Meissner) is not supported by the traces. 1004 2001 This is a private dedicatory text of a man whose name is broken on a clay tablet fragment found at Aššur. The orthography and palaeography are Old Assyrian. COMMENTARY The fragment (VAT 10909) measures 7 . 1 x 5 . 5 + cm and the inscription has been collated. The reading of the personal name in line 5' is uncertain.

120 (study) 1980 Al-Gailani Werr, BIA 17 p. 58 no. 36 (exs. 1 13 TEXT 1) a-šùr. Ki 2) LUGAL 3) 4) 5) si-lu-lu ÉNSi a-šùr. k i DUMU da-ki-ki NIMGIR U R U a-šùr. KI (erasure) 6) 7) 1-7) Aššur is king, Silulu is vice-regent of ASšur, son of Dakiki, herald of the city Assur, (your/his servant). 31 1 This text is on a stone block found in the oldest foundation of the Aššur temple at Aššur. COMMENTARY ed. According to Meissner the scribe mistakenly repeat- The block (VA 8835, Ass 17186, Ass ph 5105) was discovered in the oldest stone foundation of the southeast wall of the east corner room of the main court of the Assur temple, ÌC3III.

Into (the mortar of) every wall I mixed ghee and honey and (then) laid one layer of bricks. With the god Aššur, my lord, standing by me, I cleared houses from the Sheep Gate to the People's Gate. My father had constructed a wall but I made the wall higher than my father had. 18-19 Cf. Borger, EAK 1 p. 7 n. 1. 23-24 Derive e-dá from idū 'hire, wages, rent'; tuh-he is clear and cf. von Soden, AHw p. v. For pá-e see ibid. p. 874b sub pü II 1. Also note Kraus, König. Verfüg, p. 104. 2 áš-ku-un i-na mì-ma ì-ga-re Ì .

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