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By Anna Maria Di Sciullo (ed.)

This quantity brings to fore the centrality of asymmetry in DP, vice chairman and CP. A finer grained articulation of the DP is proposed, and extra useful projections for restrictive kinfolk, in addition to a polished analyses of case identity and presumptive pronouns. The papers on vice president talk about additional asymmetries between arguments, and among arguments and adjuncts. Double-object structures, specificational copula sentences, secondary predicates, and the scope homes of adjuncts are mentioned during this viewpoint. The papers on CP suggest an extra articulation of the phrasal projection, justifications for Remnant IP circulate, and an research of version in clause constitution asymmetries. The papers in semantics aid the speculation that interpretation is a functionality of configurational asymmetry. The type/token details distinction is extra argued to correspond to the partition among the higher and decrease point of the word. it's also proposed that time of View Roles should not primitives of the pragmatic part, yet are head-dependent different types. Configurationality is extra argued to be required to tell apart contrastive from non-contrastive subject. Compositionality is proposed to provide an explanation for cross-linguistic adaptations within the selectional behaviour of typologically varied languages.

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See Di Sciullo (1999b) for discussion. . Here are some Op-Shells for –wh D Operators. In these representations, the –wh variable in the upper layer is spelled out by th-, the relational head in the lower layer is specified for spatial features, +/–Proxi(mate), and +Loc(ation). The head of the lower clause relates a predicate variable (pred) to an individual type of variable e. See Di Sciullo (2000, forthcoming) for discussion. . According to Chomsky (1995–1998), Lasnik (1999) and related works, the wh- feature is an interpretable functional feature.

For instance, as seen below, the derived parazo ‘to over-live’ < para + zo‘to live’ cannot be used without a heavy stress and an adverbial expression denoting the situation or the conditions under which these processes have taken place. (21) a. *O Janis parazi The John overlives vs. b. O Janis parazi kala meta to γamo tu. The John overlives well after the marriage his ‘John lives well indeed after his marriage’ In L&B’s (1994) paper, there is a connection between the semantics of polysemous preverbs and their productivity suggesting that the more determined the semantic representation of a lexical item is, the more productive the item can be (L&B: 70).

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