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Coordination involves the ability of athletes to visualize a movement in the mind and transform that visualization into motion. For success in developing coordination, athletes must first improve their overall body awareness. By continuously experiencing a movement, athletes begin to develop a feel for Coordination training improves an athlete’s ability to synchronize upper- and lower-body how that skill should be position while executing at the same time an executed. As they undereye–hand task.

Equipment Six soccer balls, three 6-inch hurdles, three cones Setup Create a warm-up course that each athlete runs through three times consecutively. The course is set up in an area 35 yards by 20 yards. As many as 18 kids can consecutively go through the course, one after the other, as long as they’re careful not to run into the athlete in front of them. Execution Each athlete begins laterally traveling left to right and tapping three soccer balls twice each with alternating feet (using the ball of each foot).

Equipment Four tennis balls, one agility ball, four cones or flat rubber dots Setup On half a tennis court, design a diamond shape using cones or flat rubber dots. One tennis ball is placed on the ground on each of these designated spots (marked by cones or flat dots): outside corner of the far-left service box, outside corner of the right service box, and midpoint of the baseline. A coach stands at the midpoint of the net with one agility ball and one tennis ball. One athlete runs the course at a time.

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