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By Karen Templeton

It used to be undesirable sufficient that her companions left shy shop proprietor Dana Malone to scout new retail house with devastatingly good-looking Realtor C. J. Turner. Then — wham! — her way-out wayward cousin actually left a child on Dana?€™s doorstep, and a beginning certificates directory C.J. because the father. elevating her ultracute nephew used to be a dream come actual, and as she and C.J. shared child tasks and shut quarters until eventually paternity was once verified, Dana saved her cool. yet whenever the commitment-phobe checked out Dana, the craving in his deep blue eyes provoked a meltdown. may what begun as a small step for Dana?€™s shop become an incredible bounce for Dana?€™s love lifestyles?

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Grumbled. ” “Of course I knew who she was,” he said, giving his lungs a second to adjust to the breath-sucking heat. ” “Not nearly as pathetic as the way she threw herself at me,” he muttered. “True. For a moment there I thought she was going to unhinge her jaws and swallow you whole. ” she asked over his grunt. “She’d like to think so. ” She chuckled again, a sound he realized he enjoyed. Very much. He stole a glance at her profile as they walked to the car, thinking what a bundle of contradictions she was—self-deprecating one minute, completely comfortable with teasing him the next.

So she sat down again, clamping the coiled hair on top of her head while she rummaged through her bag for the loose hairpins she was forever finding and dropping into the leather abyss. Wow. So much for the blood to the head theory. After the kind of sigh she hadn’t let out since Davey Luken’s clumsy kiss in the seventh grade, she jammed a half-dozen pins into the base of the topknot, finger-fluffed her bangs. Yeah, well, Dana hadn’t dated as much she had, as long as she had, not to gain an insight or two along the way.

How are you? ” Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Dana’s approach, her raised eyebrows. J. said, glancing at the little girls. ” “Oh. J. thought, I’m dead. “Dana Malone, this is…” “Cybill Sparks,” she mercifully supplied, assessing Dana as only a female who feels her territory threatened can. Never mind that he hadn’t even seen the woman—with whom he’d had a brief (and not particularly sweet, as he recalled) affair—in years. Or that she’d clearly moved on. ’s my Realtor. ” Which was apparently sufficient to silence Cybill’s Incoming Threat alarm.

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