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By Judith Pella

He by no means meant to stay... the ladies of the Maintown church women society eagerly anticipate the coming of the recent circuit-riding preacher--a bachelor, they have been informed. To welcome him, they and their eligible daughters choose to make him a "welcome" duvet. The venture becomes a fierce pageant as each one younger lady attempts to outdo the opposite in making a duvet block so beautiful that it--and she--will achieve the younger minister's recognition. Zack Hartley is not like any preacher the church has ever obvious. He bumbles approximately within the pulpit, and whilst he visits the ailing, rather than praying for them he hangs laundry, washes dishes, has a tendency children--does no matter what wishes doing. His inexperience and funny error, although, finally turn out endearing and basically extra motivate the younger girls of their seen makes an attempt to snare him. yet Zack is hiding whatever, and if his deception is located out, disappointing the Maintown women could be the least of his concerns.

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Maybe his luck was finally changing. He heard a few grunts from the other struggle. Then there was a hard thud, and the sounds of struggle suddenly faded. Before anyone had a chance to regroup, Zack fired a shot into the air to get their attention, then leveled his aim at Cutter. “Okay, Cutter,” he warned. “The next shot is for you. ” “You heard him, boys,” Cutter said. Sinclair moved cautiously to where his boss was now standing. I n the moonlit alley Zack could see blood dripping down from the nose of his captor.

He sure couldn’t expect any help from Darla now that she had found someone else. How could he have been fool enough to trust her? He wasn’t a greenhorn kid anymore. He’d been around. He was twenty-four, not twelve. But all she’d had to do was blink those pretty blue eyes of hers, toss those silky brown locks, and shimmy in that fancy silk dress, and he was lost. He should have known better than to get involved with a saloon girl. When he had arrived in Portland, he’d had some money from working for a Seattle boss named Duncan Falk, who was mostly a hoodlum.

Away from her, he was a wild one. That’s probably why Maggie, much as she refused to admit it, was sweet on him. And why most of the girls, including Ellie, were to some degree taken with him. He wasn’t a truly bad sort, just fun-loving, and Ellie did like that about him but not enough to risk having Emma Jean for a mother-in-law. Maybe if she really loved Colby, it wouldn’t matter who his mother was. I t might be she’d never meet them unless they had the means to take the train west sometime. She wondered again what he was like.

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