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By Liukkonen, Kari

Smooth research on Baltic load-words in Finnish. as a rule offers with etymologies. In German.

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3) Darius relates how he came to power (the story of the ‘False Smerdis’ told by Herodotus). The inscription, incised high up on the boulders of Behistun near Ecbatana (Hamadān), with versions in Akkadian and Elamitic, is the world’s most extensive one. Because the Old Iranian corpus of texts is not so extensive, Middle Iranian is also important to comparative linguists. It is preserved in several varieties, such as Middle Persian or Pehlevi, Parthian, Sogdian, Khotanese, and Khwarezmian. ╇ The Indo-European Family of Languages these texts is fraught with difficulties.

We now know that the history of man and of language is much older. But in his time no one had any inkling of the long prehistory of the human species. Darwin was still to come: On the Origin of Species dates from 1859. If we look back upon the history of comparative linguistics, we can say the following. People had to first be in possession of sufficient, reliable linguistic data, that is, a large number of languages had to be known in an accurately recorded form, before comparative linguistics could begin to develop.

14. A number of isolated languages which have lost all relations with other languages and groups must be listed. In Europe, there is first of all Basque. Almost without exception, all the languages of Europe which have survived are Indo-European languages: the exceptions are Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian and Basque, which is spoken by the Basque people of the inaccessible Pyrenees region of northern Spain. In Kashmir, Burushaski is similarly isolated, and in Japan the same is the case for the language of the Ainu people.

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