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By Anselm, Thomas Williams

Starting from his early treatises, the Monologion (a paintings written to teach his clergymen easy methods to meditate at the divine essence) and the Proslogion (best recognized for its development of the so-called ontological argument for the life of God), to his 3 philosophical dialogues on metaphysical issues similar to the connection among freedom and sin, and past due treatises at the Incarnation and salvation, this selection of Anselm's crucial writings should be a boon to scholars of the background of philosophy and theology in addition to to somebody attracted to analyzing what Anselm calls "the cause of faith."

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That is, whether the supreme nature can exist as a whole at individual times either all at once or at different times. 22 30 BASIC WRITINGS in a given place, there is nothing of it that exists at the same time in some other place. So if something exists as a whole in a given place, how can that whole exist at the same time in some other place, if nothing of it can exist in any other place? Therefore, since one whole cannot exist as a whole all at once in individual places, it follows that if anything exists as a whole all at once in distinct places, it exists as individual wholes in individual places.

So neither the creating essence nor his life nor his eternity in any way has a past or a future. For how can it be that he has no present, if he truly exists? But “he existed” signifies the past, and “he will exist” signifies the future. 25 Therefore, he does not exist as a whole at individual times either distinctly or all at once. So if, as I have argued, he does not exist as a whole in all places and times in such a way that he exists as a whole in all of them at once and through his parts in each of them individually, or in such a way that he exists as a whole in each of them individually, it is evident that he in no way exists as a whole in every place or time.

Since some of Anselm’s points, as well as much of the language that he uses, will not be fully clear unless the reader already has some knowledge of Trinitarian doctrine, I have provided the necessary explanations in the notes as well as in the Glossary. * 40 Anselm argues for this claim in Chapter 7. 41 Anselm argues for this claim in Chapter 37. 42 Anselm raised this question in passing in Chapter 12. 40 BASIC WRITINGS ance is consubstantial with the supreme nature in such a way that they are not two, but one spirit, then of course that utterance is supremely simple,* just as the supreme nature is.

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