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This can be a full-colour visible ceremonial dinner that amateur and skilled creditors alike will treasure. Scattered in the course of the booklet are trivialities proof that attempt the reader's wisdom of this favorite doll. Plus, accompanying each one picture is a convenient id and price information bar - proof readers desire at a look. With entire descriptions, three hundred exceptional color pictures and greater than 1,200 rate listings, creditors, appraisers, dealers and lovers may have the instruments to spot the main influential Barbie Dolls together with Barbie no.1 Ponytail sort, Bubblecut Barbie, Barbie type Queen, American lady and lots of extra. positive factors: Over three hundred amazing pictures of Barbie Dolls from 1959 to 2000; Fun-to-read and full of life heritage of this favorite doll; An exhaustive rate consultant directory the worth of each doll.

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Dramatic New Living Barbie arrived in 1970, and if you didn’t notice her futuristic silver and gold lamé swimsuit, you couldn’t miss the doll’s new attitude. While Twist and Turn was an important innovation for its time, it was elementary compared to the range of motion of Dramatic New Living Barbie. TNT could twist, but this doll could move. ). She sits! She bends! She moves just like you (well, maybe if you were double-jointed). Dramatic face paint and rooted eyelashes added to the glam. Even under that orange mesh cover-up, it was obvious this doll was something special.

Talking Barbie Model #1115 Hair Colors: Blond, brunette, titian Current Value: $425 MIB Late-1960s technology gave Barbie doll a voice with a new “talking” model. Talking Barbie (1968) For nine years, Barbie dolls had been mute – a vessel in which little girls could channel their emotions, thoughts and speech. But the late 1960s had spawned a new technology that Mattel was currently using in other toys – a talking mechanism. Not exactly a Chatty Cathy, Talking Barbie (with the mod TNT body and a pullstring on her back) chatted of fashion, dates, the prom, shopping and parties.

Yet. Skipper doll’s wardrobe wasn’t the only nautical theme in the Barbie doll universe–check out Ken doll’s cool boat. Skipper (bendable leg) Model #1030 Hair Colors: Blond, brunette, titian Current Value: $250 MIB Later versions of Skipper doll featured bendable legs. The Best Because? Simply due to their unique size and bodies, Todd and Tutti dolls introduced yet another innovation to the Barbie doll line. Did it succeed? Few dolls went on to exhibit these traits, but Todd and Tutti dolls (also available in a gift pack enjoying ice cream sundaes) are pint-sized reminders of Mattel’s attempts to expand the family tree.

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