What’s Your Type?

Every typeface has its own mood or personality, just like people. Some are elegant in styling and others are down to earth. Typefaces can look vintage and cool or so “old fashioned” you want to reach for mothballs. What’s your type? If you boiled your essence down to a single physical manifestation like the first letter of your given name, how might that look.

Graphic designers answer this question all the time. When choosing a typeface for a logo or a website we are methodical about matching its appearance to the message or purpose of the design. Everything from the size and shape of letters, the spacing, and even the color palette can influence the mood or emotions associated with a brand.

To illustrate this, Thinking Caps Design challenged its designers to convey the literal meaning of a word in a creative type treatment – a brainteaser so to speak for our graphics studio. The first example set a fun vibe. It took a multifaceted approach, selecting a bold typeface to apply a veneer of texture and color to convey a meaning that is as much about creating mood as it is about motion.Final_Word_Excercises_v copy 3Our second design is more delicate, balancing animated colors and blocks of letters that could spell solo words before unveiling the composition in its entirety as a single stacked word. It’s playful and effective.Final_Word_Excercises_v copy 2

The typeface of our third illustration suggests a classic touch, orderly and regal letters anchored sternly by a serif and accented with a demure palette of crimson and black. A subtle contrast exists in this treatment where the imposed order is subversively upended by the literal meaning of the word that transcends beyond boundaries via novel achievement.Final_Word_Excercises_v

For a final example, we layer a series of words atop visual representations to lend power to an expression.

Creative, Visual, Experience

The meaning here is shaped in holistic form. Words derive from images and images derive from words so the composite sum is greater than the individual parts. We thrive on creating creative visual experiences at Thinking Caps Design.

A strong relationship exists between the conception of words and their transmission in visual form. This is what makes choosing your type such an important part of the design process, one that captures the perfect personality or mood that makes your brand a memorable one.